Physics has been unified!

The search is over. Physics has been unified! The details were published (Jan 10, 2024) in a book entitled "Field Particle Physics: A Coherent Perspective", by Harry A. Shick.

This work is non-theoretical.

The desire to understand the world we live in, has been present throughout recorded history. The ancient Greeks gave us geometry, and the concept of atoms. Johannes Kepler explained planetary orbits. Isaac Newton defined the rules of motion. By the start of this century, the source of gravity was said to be the only missing piece of the universal jigsaw puzzle. This view was premature. Conceptual and mathematical errors obscured the source of gravity. To advance, these errors needed to be isolated and corrected. When the correction process ended, every piece of the completed puzzle was consistent with experimental fact, therefore, non-theoretical. More importantly, every puzzle piece was required by every other piece; indicating, physics had been unified.