Surpassing the theory of everything

Growing up in the 70’s, there was much talk about the search for the grand unified theory. It was said, such a theory would unify all of physics. At some later date, someone decided the grand unified theory was insufficient to explain everything, and proposed the “Theory of everything”. The distinction between these theories involved the gravitational force. Where the grand unified theory connects the electric, magnetic, weak and strong forces; the theory of everything links gravity to the other four forces. Well I’m here to tell you, a non-theoretical connection between gravity and the electric field has been made.

At this point, you may be thinking; how were these connections made? Why hasn’t anyone been able to make these connections before; and, if this is real, how complicated is the solution? To answer these questions, let me share some history from my youth.

Garbage in equals garbage out.

On school mornings, my mom would have the radio playing. Every so often, the news would report about someone being billed an astronomical amount of money, for an inexpensive item. (Imagine purchasing a $15.99 pair of shoes, on sale, and getting a bill for $1639.42.) Such stories were not uncommon as companies computerized their accounting departments. In every case, someone had input the wrong data; so, the phrase, “If you put garbage in, you get garbage out”, became widely known. This same concept applies to other areas as well.

Science is not immune from mistakes. If a single piece of your foundation is composed of garbage, then anything built upon that foundation is also garbage. It is, therefore, prudent to isolate and correct any concept, which is inconsistent with experimental fact. (To be clear, I am talking about observable fact, not someone’s interpretation of what is happening.) Only then can you confidently begin to build upon the foundation. Make no mistake, this process is time consuming. The book, “Field Particle Physics…“, required over two decades of work; but, it was worth it. Physics has been exponentially simplified; and, the realm of possibilities has expanded.